Tired of a one size fits all marketing organization? We understand your business is unique. A pre-packaged approach doesn't provide you with the sales support and consistent growth you demand from your marketing organization. LET'S TALK!
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We’ve been right where you are. We understand.

That is why our clients love our custom engineered approach to their unique business.


Our marketers collaborate with you on an individualized basis to help grow your business rather than providing a blank approach like many IMO’s. Advisors Resource will align you with support that fits your business from marketing, retirement income planning, estate planning, deferred compensation, complex case design and charitable giving strategies.

All the Value

We provide all the value that all other IMO’s offer from websites to marketing ideas. What we do not offer is a one size fits all approach to your business.

Enabling Success

We have experienced wholesalers with a background in the industry who truly understand the environment you operate in on a daily basis. Our marketers work to stay abreast of industry trends, best practices and innovative ideas that fit your business and enable you to grow with us.

We understand you have unique needs…that’s why we don’t pre-package anything.

Founded by two producing agents who understand the innovative support you need to grow your business, we are truly dedicated to our producers, their business and clients. By understanding how our partners in the field work, allows us to not only help grow your business but enables you to balance a growing business with your personal life as well.

Get marketing support that works for you!
It’s time for you to be our next success story.

Tim R. Mastel
Tim R. Mastel

Our founders have walked in your shoes

Dave Wohlwend
Dave Wohlwend
CLU, ChFC/Principal

Imagine partnering with a top resource for financial advisors and insurance professionals nationwide.

We strive to bring our Agents the best solutions in the areas of retirement income planning, estate planning, deferred compensation, and charitable giving strategies. We emphasize integrity as we secure solutions for our customers and look to all carriers for answers to complex planning strategies.

We bring top quality industry experience

Our wholesalers are all experienced veterans of the financial services and insurance industry, providing you with field support such as business building ideas, seminars, client meetings, special events, training and sales ideas.