The Little Red Book of Retirement © Series

We recognized that there were problems with books from advisors…and we did something about it:

  • They took forever to write
  • They were rarely read cover to cover by prospects
  • No one seemed to have a way to market them
  • You could only receive them as a hard copy

The Little Red Book of Retirement ©  Series solves those problems!

  • Your SERIES of books, tailored and branded to be Presented By You, can take as little as two-hours of your time
  • The books are “bite sized” and topic-specific so they’re easy for prospects to read
  • You’ll receive a complete marketing platform including a Landing Page, Facebook Post, Website Pop-Up, and eBlast Creative
  • Your prospects will be able to easily download a digital version (save money and capture more leads)

Meet Your Series of Books

The Basics of Retirement Investing

Give your audience an overview of the “can’t miss” items that all retirees need to know. From Social Security to Long-Term-Care to Tax Strategies, The Basics of Retirement Investing will help your prospects better understand how YOU can help them.

The Basics of Annuities

Annuities are a great way to offer clients guaranteed income, yet they continue to be misunderstood. The Basics of Annuities is an informative and objective way to create a more educated consumer.

High Net Worth Investor Edition

Meeting with high net worth prospects is a quicker path for advisors to build their practice. The High Net Worth Investor Edition is a great way for you to speak directly to them, and let them know that you are well-equipped to serve them.

Examples of Digital Marketing

Landing Page

Pop Up w/ Button

Pop Up w/ Form

Facebook Post


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