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We know that there’s a difference between “marketing” and EFFECTIVE MARKETING and are dedicated to delivering world class services.

Most financial services organizations like Broker Dealers and FMO/IMO’s try to create marketing divisions within their organizations to help “market” their producers services. Often they are comprised of younger team members with basic knowledge of mass emailing, website design and some experience with a mail house. They have no direct knowledge or experience in radio, digital marketing, email marketing, content creation or designing an impactful brand.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Lone Beacon, an organization developed and designed to work explicitly with baby boomers and pre-retirees. The Lone Beacon staff brings a level of expertise unmatched in the insurance marketing organization world.

Your website is at the epicenter of prospect and client engagement, we call it your “virtual storefront”. We develop custom tailored sites for your target market that capture lead data & prospect profiles. A website is often the first or second impression that prospects and clients have of your firm, so the same way someone may judge you when they walk into your office…they’ll form an initial opinion based on your site. In addition, a sound site can offer you enlightening data based on your clients and prospects.

Our lead capture process begins with developing meaningful, authentic content in all forms. Every piece is tailored for our advisors, and delivered throughout multiple media platforms so your message is dynamically heard. In the end it’s about transforming advisors into thought-leaders and helping them to capture the trust of prospects and clients.

We employ a staff of experienced broadcasters who have produced thousands of successful shows. Our Talent coaching staff is the most proven and experienced team in the financial industry today. If you’re currently producing a show, or desire to, talk to us and we think you’ll see the difference right away.

Purchasing and managing media, whether it be broadcast or digital, is a part art and part science…and a lot of work. Our team has longstanding partnerships with media outlets and know how to execute integrated campaigns designed to get results.

Your next big prospect is on-line, and we can help you find them, bring them to your site, and engage them with your firm. Our team is skilled in capturing leads online via AdWords, Social Media, and database marketing. It takes an understanding of the online behavior of the high-net-worth consumer, the financial industry itself, the nature of Direct Response, and then applying it all into strategic digital initiatives.

The right message delivered to the right people will produce leads. Lone Beacon has a proven web-based lead capture system that makes it easy for prospects to engage with your firm.

Getting detailed new prospect information is as easy as it gets. Your leads will be delivered to you and your predesignated staff members in real time. In addition, we have the ability to give you the most comprehensive lead analytic information in the financial industry today.


Our team of Sales VP’s focus on one thing. Helping you grow your business. Our Sales VP’s keep you informed of new products, industry trends, sales techniques and innovative case design ideas. Combined, they bring 29 years of experience to the table with backgrounds ranging from independent agents, to working for some of the industry’s top carriers. A unique differentiator to other FMO/IMO’s is, all of our sales VP’s hold their FINRA 6 and 63 registrations. This additional license allows our them to discuss more options and compare a wider variety of solutions than traditional FMO/IMO’s. Most FMO sales teams only hold a state insurance license. In addition to hold FINRA registrations Advisors Resource is also an independent organization. We offer all options and retirement income strategies to best fit your clients because we are not bound by any insurance carriers.

Advisors Resource takes the time to understand all aspects of your business to help coach you and maximize all avenues to ensure year over year growth. They will examine every step from lead generation, client onboarding, case design, client interactions, appreciation events to your referral processes.

Learn more about how to better allocate assets and optimize your client’s portfolios: CLICK HERE to Download a Copy of The Journal of Investing.

Growing your business IS our business.


Advisors Resource understands the support and service independent advisors receive is just as important as the case design and retirement solutions they receive. It doesn’t matter if you have an entire office of support staff or you’re an independent producer, we know that managing your cases from design to issue gets you paid and your clients the solutions you provide. Founded by two producing agents who know what it means to be an independent advisor, Advisors Resource has always put an emphasis on the level of service provided to our agents for case management, problem resolution and payment.

Our advisors think of our service team as an extension of their own office to help scrub, submit and manage to issue all cases. Providing updates with all cases and always keeping you in the know as to where all your business is in the policy life cycle.

Managing your business IS our business.


Rather than try and recreate a different version of the typical software available out there today, we bring 3 truly unique platforms to the table.

  1.  We have a proprietary patented software for positioning life insurance within a portfolio.
  2.  Our proprietary annuity position software uses a derivative algorithm from our patented process to model the importance of the annuity – while taking into account the prospects mortality.
  3.  A truly unique cloud based software that is the only true UMA “hub” built on The platform gives advisors access to unique investment strategies, consultative support structures prospecting and proposal generation tools. No matter what licenses you hold, Advisors Resource has proprietary software to add true value to your practice.


Advisors Resource was founded by two life insurance producers who share over 46 years of experience. Their shared knowledge and background has helped create the industry leading service and support Advisors Resource provides to all agents in the field.

Financial professionals who work with us receive the best case design, knowledge and experience to surpass all of their clients needs and expectations. Our experience separates us from industry with the ability to effectively execute advanced premium financing cases, assist in the design of complex estate planning and navigate the nuances of all underwriting challenges. The team is dedicated to all aspects of the producer experience from contracting and onboarding to case design, illustration support, carrier submission, underwriting and case issuance.

Advisors Resource is dedicated to delivering the industries top agent experience for the life insurance industry. We help you deliver the best life insurance solutions to your clients, give you access to the top rated carriers and grow your practice to levels you never thought possible.

Call us today and find out why we are one of the fastest growing Life Insurance BGA’s in the industry.

Growing your business is our business.

Here’s What Some of our Advisors are Saying

“There are many reasons Advisors Resource is my marketing organization of choice, but the one that sticks out to me most is their ability and commitment to getting things done fast. From case design to case placement, my business gets done the same day.”
-R.P, Barrington, Illinois
“I have worked with many marketing organizations over the years, but none have measured up to Advisors Resource for their service, support and ideas. But above all else, it’s their integrity that has me most impressed. When they say they are going to do something, they do it.”
-R.C, Denver, Colorado